Tuesday, 7 July 2009

masakage tanno wooden business card holder

the very beautiful and eco friendly wooden business card holder from masakage tanno, US$85, via selectism.

if there's one thing i regret about my maiden trip to milan fashion week, it will be that i did not bring any business cards (ok the blog isn't a business but you get my drift...) with me. it's kinda difficult when people ask "so what's the name of your blog?", and i go "erm it's zero zero oh zero zero", or "Ooooooo dot blogspot, as in OOooh ahhh", or "if you type zero zero blog on google you should find it".

yea i am so going to print or make my own stack.



  1. Lol, your blog name is really quite a mouthful to introduce to other people. And I think I would have forgotten the blog address after the 1st time I hear it. I forgot yours after I browsed it for the 1st time and forgot to save it in my bookmarks. I ended up trying different combinations of 0 and o and finally, google is my friend. =))

  2. I actually know how you're feeling Joe, I'm still fussing over my name cards right now, got to have them ready before I leave for London!

  3. carpe diem: you found it in the end, all that matters!

    bb: all pro you are!


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