Tuesday, 7 July 2009

mid week ramblings

i keep thinking today's wednesday and the weekend will soon be here. i am indeed positive thinking. anyway here's some random musings...

cotton paper denim, yes jeans made from paper. very lightweight but yet strong and durable. i am very intrigued, diesel denims at £160.

strangely alluring, suede moccasins with rubber soles, £255 from gucci.


& on a separate note, someone's pretending to be me, and here and here and here and i think there's several more! i take that as a compliment but someone stop him already!


  1. lol, he didn't post the prada shoes that i bought from milan, maybe he didn't like them *disappointed*


  2. ahh the crappy side effects of the internet. you might be able to contact whoever moderates that board and have them put a stop to it. i know izzy on dandy project posted about an "evil twin."

    i cant decide whether or not i like those gucci shoes. like you said they are strangely alluring. and that dsquared bag is pretty cute. i think the print would make a cute t-shirt too.

  3. 'Bringing home the birkin' are posted as a gift for his friend..haha....

    I love the internet!!

  4. hahaha..yeah, it is amusing to see people trying to be u...

    I applaud you to take it with a pinch of salt and have a good laugh:-) Well, we all know what you got and the style of your pics:-) So no worries.

    Perhaps you want to watermark the pics?

    Cheers, Nice bag from D2...never knew they do such nice designs!:-) Will you get it?

  5. how ever did you even find such postings?

  6. kenni: that roll lol!

    kev: i have too many bags, you get it hehe

    leo: someone exposed him on one of the postings with a link back to my blog, so i found out heh!

  7. BTW, at least your imposter is with a proper name. Mine was named as 'Gardenia Mian Bao' (after the brand of a bread)...yuck! how tacky:-)


    Makes for a good laugh nonetheless:-)

  8. that's such an old school name i like lol!

    they deleted some of the posts, shame!

  9. @ the pretender - b00o00!

  10. I agree with -h. That bag print could work as a T-shirt. I like.

  11. Lol, like they say (I wonder who), plagiarism is a form of flattery. Haha.

    Oh another note, perhaps the cotton paper denim works on the same principle as a wallet that I read on Bagaholicboy's blog. http://bagaholicboy.blogspot.com/2009/07/mighty-wallet.html
    I sure sounds like a mighty paper.


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