Friday, 3 July 2009

more pringle...

model taylor fuchs, wearing one of my favourite shirts from the pringle spring summer 2010 menswear showcase.

i hope you guys are enjoying my posts and pics about milan. there's an interesting article on stylepov about bloggers at milan fashion week. click here to read it!

happy weekends!


  1. Stylepov! Here we go! Soon you will be harder to get hold of than Anna Wintour. Good on you 00o00!
    Have a nice weekend. x

  2. lol you're too kind!

    oki-ni sent me some images from your upcoming collection, am posting them tonight when i get home! they look soo so lovely!

  3. the shirt reminds me of the 80's. I don't know why. I'm not even fashion-conscious that time.

    and of course I'm enjoying the pics. are you kidding? I live vicariously through you. the fact that I've read your blog since you had like--what, 4, 5 entries?--and now you're going places.

    more pics please.

  4. thanks allan :)
    i love that shirt, it's my fave from the entire collection. more pics soon!

  5. well done and of course i'm enjoying your entries! i'm late to blogosphere; didn't think to connect this wave to the recession. i thought it's been happening since the "new media" began (and when's that? i'm obviously clueless). do you think print media will be gone tomorrow?


what's he wearing?