Wednesday, 8 July 2009

pringle menswear spring summer 2010 showcase

here are some of my pics from the pringle menswear spring summer 2010 showcase held in milan a few weeks back:

the napa leather jacket is utterly sumptuous. it is lined with jersey material on the inside. the jacket is so soft and light, i really do like this a lot. the muted grey is just perfect, goes with everything.

another napa leather jacket. i don't know how else to describe it except that it really is very very soft. i did try to run away with this jacket as it's not on the mannequin but the burly security keeps giving me dirty looks.

a closer look at the outfit as worn by model taylor fuchs in an earlier post.

quite possibly my favourite piece from the collection. as much as i like the napa leather jackets, they are rather pricey. wishlist wise, yea the leather jackets. practical wishlist wise, i NEED this shirt!

and another pic of the models in action. do i look suspicious, why are they darting me evil looks?!! besides taylor fuchs on the right, i don't know the names of the other 2. can anyone help?

this collection really surprised me. i was being introduced to designer clare waight keller at the showcase, and i mentioned to her that this was a beautiful collection, and very un-pringle-like in my humble opinion as i previously associated them with lots of argyle and cable knits. i hoped i didn't ruffle any feathers! but she was so sweet, and apparently i was the second person that day to say that as a consumer i would buy a lot of that collection. i really do mean that.

many thanks to niamh for the introduction, and much thanks to alex too!


  1. You're a true working fashion journalist! Love that almost-black (or is it navy?) shirt! Must.have.

  2. Its all about that shirt - fantastic!

  3. so much for the much talked about "designer swag" lol

  4. YES on the shirt&tie most definitely. i love argyle prints, but im glad Pringle has shed their old fuddy-duddy image.

  5. I adore the leather jacket and the palette in general. So chic and very modern for Pringle. Way to go! Thanks for sharing.

  6. Gorgeous! I like all the clothes, especially the last shirt. Must have!

  7. Jakob Wiechmann and Lucas Masacarini.


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