Thursday, 2 July 2009

rupert sanderson saddled oxford shoes

whisper british shoe designer rupert sanderson's name to the well heeled ladies and you'll get them foaming at the mouths. we can now foam together, as he is releasing a special range of shoes just for men!

due to the popularity of his women’s saddled oxford collection, he has decided to design a range for men. the saddled oxfords were really popular in the 50's, as seen on hollywood luminaries from robert redford to woody allen.

there are currently four colorways available, the nude nubuck with brown leather on top pic...

nude nubuck with blue leather

nude nubuck with black leather

nude nubuck with olive leather

i heard that christian louboutin is coming out with a small range of shoes for men this autumn, jimmy choo is also doing a special men's collection with H&M in november, manolo blahnik dabbled in men's sandals a few seasons back (which i saw was reduced at the corso como outlet in milan, from €600 to €300 and i nearly handled my credit card what was i thinking?!!). so it's nice to hear that rupert sanderson is also doing a special collection for the guys. when roger vivier does the same we would have gone full circle then!

the rupert sanderson saddled oxford shoes retail for about £285, i thought the price was pretty reasonable, considering it's coming from a reputable shoe maker. i've seen shoes much more expensive than that from fast fashion houses. click on pics, or here for more information.



  1. that picture of redford, i mean talk about style!

  2. yea but why the garb in the sun? is it me: the soles are coloured different for the olive pair?

    p/s: love the DVN shirt.

  3. i want them all!!!! love the contrasting clay coloured soles.

  4. These are quite cool but I've been looking and looking for all leather ones in black and white. Twin Peaks-like.

  5. Louboutin's already selling men's shoes in his stores in Paris! Check it out when you come to Paris next wk!

  6. anon: really???!! i can't find pics anywhere, are the shoes nice, and is it insanely priced??!



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