Tuesday, 14 July 2009

sergio rossi fall winter 2009

sergio rossi shoes are probably more popular with the ladies. the collection for men is slowly growing, and this autumn also saw the debut of sergio rossi x puma collection for the boys. here are a few pics of the mainline collection due to arrive in stores soon:

i'm pretty surprised at the introduction of purples and blues in this collection. at times where consumers are cutting back with their spending, where buying less is more (buying less quantities, but more mileage with purchases), i was expecting retailers to be reactive and push out more classic pieces which withstand the test of time.

slightly brave move for sergio rossi, whose performance didn't fare too well in the first quarter of the year, citing closure of stores in the US. sergio rossi, like balenciaga, YSL, bottega veneta and a slew of high end luxury houses, is owned by the gucci group, which in turn is controlled by PPR, the second biggest luxury conglomerate around. they are due to release their half yearly financial results on 31st july. the geek in me is eagerly awaiting their results.

that said, i do like the last 2 shoes from their f/w09 collection. the blue loafers especially, is calling my name repeatedly. classics with a little twist, i can live with. if like me, you prefer more classic investment pieces, here are some past season sergio rossi shoes which i do like very very much:

from left:
- black polished leather lace ups, £180
- brown polished leather tasseled moccasins, £185
- light brown polished leather moccasins, was £244 now reduced to £122

much kinder to the wallet too, considering their new collection starts around £350 and upwards. click on pics and links for more info.

love shoes, i do!

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  1. i love that video rossi did called "shoe love."
    the purple suede tasseled loafer!!!!!!!!!!! and i second you on the navy/blue one too. men get the best flat shoes.

  2. i want them all!!!

  3. I really like the blue loafers and the light brown moccasins on the row of shoes.

  4. great site, keep up the good work and please continue to share photos and articles about quality and beautiful clothing. thank you

  5. off topic: your Balenciaga jacket, yes?


  6. allan: that's a close one, but he did mentioned it's from another label. good spot though!

  7. lol. obviously, I did not read. yet again. :-)

  8. I don't know if you realised, purple seem to be in trend for autumn winter

  9. I like the purple loafers. I just got a pair of YSL loafers in purple and am loving them.


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