Thursday, 16 July 2009

tilda swinton for pringle's spring 2010 menswear campaign

.: tilda swinton for another magazine :.

it's been reported that tilda swinton will be appearing as the face of pringle for their spring summer 2010 campaign, not just for womenswear but also for menswear! we know tilda's style is at times androgynous, but is this the first time we have a high profile female fronting a menswear campaign? the comments and reviews from the pics taken at pringle's spring 2010 milan showcase were very positive, and the news that tilda swinton will be fronting the campaign got me all the more excited.

what's even more exciting: ryan mcginley will be lensing the campaign against scotland's stunning backdrop. the ryan mcginley who gave us the orgasmic and cinematographic balenciaga spring 2009 menswear shots. i.cannot.wait.

.: ryan mcginley for marc jacobs spring summer 2009 :.

besides being an accomplished photographer, ryan mcginley is also a model, most notably for appearing in marc jacobs' spring summer 2009 campaign.

i mentioned previously that pringle seemed to have taken a new and positive direction with their menswear, and the news about tilda swinton and ryan mcginley further reinforced that notion. i look forward to the pics, which would be unveiled come september.


  1. FIERCE! L00o00ve it!

  2. Can't wait to see the campaign! I love Tilda and I'm sure she'd do great (as always)..

  3. I CANT WAIT she is so stunning and interesting. I love the ed from AnOther mag as well

  4. that's how amazing Tilda is - she can do a womenswear and a menswear campaign. I adore her.

    I have to agree with you over the excitement with the Ryan McGinley campaign. I always fall in love everything thing he does.

  5. ahhhhh tilda swinton !!! for PRINGLE! I sooo can't wait!! I heard they are going to be shot outside [land-scape{s} of scottland!! ohhh its going to be BRILLIANT!! =) thank you for the post! xo xo :el fano:

  6. I can't wait to see this! I always love Tilda's style.

  7. Gorgeous! She was so good in "The world of Narnia"! Can't wait to seee the campaign.


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