Tuesday, 28 July 2009

we can be heroes, just for one day

might as well start the wishlist now: cardigan from burberry prorsum spring summer 2010.
i heart.


  1. I like your pop artsy treatment of your pics!:-)

    the cardigan looks fab. Spring summer 2010 is a season with many great collections:-)

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  3. Is it light lineny cottony sweater or just summer cashmere? Either way it looks so softtt...

  4. I'm with 00o00 and Kevin here. My head is already at S/S10. Lots of very nice collections. Tops for me are BV (check out the military jackets and the blazers) and the fantastic suits Raf Simons is promising......

  5. I love this a lot... hopefully H&M Trend can get the inspiration from it, cause I cannot afford Prorsum.

  6. kev: i'm looking forward to 2010 already. it's a year poist for economic recovery. and i go through phases, it was poladriods now it's this!

    rumae: if i remember correctly, it's cashmere. amazingly soft and luxurious to the touch

    korok: BV is fantastic, they get stronger every season

    anon: i agree H&M can easily replicate the style, but they can't replicate the luxurious feel.

  7. A thing of beauty! Don;t feel guilty about kicking off the SS10 wishlist, mine started with the shows!


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