Tuesday, 28 July 2009

you say go slowly, i fall behind

i thought shoes above £300 is considered dear, but with the weak stirling the fall winter collections from european designers just got even pricier. dries van noten black tassle loafers, £415 from browns.

oh and i like that vest, or the way it is pinned.

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  1. Yes, that vest and its half-moon shape is super slick!

  2. a treasury of: that whole outfit is screaming for me!

  3. Ha ha ha! I just put those up on my blog under wishlist! Great minds . . .

  4. these shoes are certainly an amazing look. the sleek, yet simple design and the unbelievable shine on these shoes excite me.
    How about these in burgundy though?

  5. LO: great minds indeed :)

    dwong: burgundy would be fab, but do they do that color?

  6. OOoOO: http://di1.shopping.com/images/di/5a/43/54/2d4d70646c664a74517265346a7a7971585877-250x250-0-0.jpg

    not quite as spiffy as the ones above, but the same idea.
    perhaps a wine-color would be best.


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