Wednesday, 26 August 2009

balenciaga and givenchy fall winter 2007

via the fashionisto: model simon nessman, in an editorial for arena homme + fall winter 2007, styled by panos yiapanis and photographed by paolo roversi. regular readers would probably know i am obsessed with balenciaga, especially the fall winter 2007 collection.

simon wore the very much talked about (on this blog...) peacoat with gold crest buttons, and that much revered US$6,000 scarf from the womenswear collection, which he wore on the waist.

courtney love needs no introduction, but who is that guy beside her? he's stylist supremo panos yiapanis, who styled the editorial above, and is (or was?) also stylist to courtney, who looked amazing in that givenchy getup. and panos, wore that (if i may unfairly say since i have that coat) amazing balenciaga peacoat. notice also the striped sweater he tied to his waist...

more courtney and panos

panos wore that balenciaga sweater around his neck, the sweater that i've combed the london, new york and paris stores in 2007 for, but to no avail. oh panos!

.: balenciaga fall winter 2007 :.

it's amazing how 2 years on i am still stumbling upon pics of my favourite balenciaga pieces. and if you think courtney's givenchy top looked familiar, the king of pop wore the same top from the 2007 womenswear collection, a few weeks before his demise.

glory to 2007.


what's he wearing?