Thursday, 27 August 2009

balenciaga fall winter 2009 leather and wool jacket

.: model lyle lodwick in balenciaga fall winter 2009 :.

i saw this amazing jacket last week at the shops. i hesitated to try it on as i know i wouldn't bear to let go. the sleeves and collar is made of leather, and the body made of wool with snap buttons. it looks like a simple varsity jacket, but the slim cut and leather sleeves make all the differences. i really really like this.

the stunning jacket is now available from matches. click here if you're interested.

can't say this enough, i heart balenciaga <3


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  2. see it in real life! its really really nice

  3. You can never lose with Balenciaga! The fit never lets you down. normally I can't stand red and black together, but i would kill for this jacket!!

  4. Your blog will have me broke...want this SO much.


  5. Simply + Gorgeous !!!
    I'm dying to get one.

  6. There are three version of this jacket available in the NYC store and the one on look book with orange sleeve is a bit too loud, I think. They also have olive with black leather and beige with black. It is retailed at $1995 and I just LOVE the fire tube sleeve!!! Have you heard that Balenciaga opened an outlet store at woodbury common outlet at New york? You should defiantly visit next time you are in NYC:)

  7. just my two cents worth. but it kinda makes one look like a hotel porter doesn't it?


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