Thursday, 13 August 2009

bottega veneta canvas totes

i kind of regretted about the purchase of my bottega veneta sardegna tote. i've only used it... twice? it's just a little bit big for daily use. the below canvas tote is a much more user friendly alternative (click on pics for more info):

simple, nondescript, but those in the know will recognise that it's from bottega veneta.

also comes in beige...

isn't this just perfect?

le sigh, l00o00ve.

i found the bags on "couture lab", which actually stocks a pretty good selection of bottega veneta items online. click here for more.


  1. Tha one is nice. BOth colours, but I do prefer the grey one...and your other bag is nice and super huge bags are the it item in Hollywood right now apparently ;)

  2. hehe huge bags are nice, but a little bit impractical at times

    loving the profile pic!

  3. Regardless of the impracticality, the sardegna is a better choice of bag - to me at least.

  4. thanks daniel. the sardegna bag is about half the price of these canvas totes too hehe

    hence the rather impulsive buy

  5. So glad you hear you share my feelings about the Sardegna tote we both own. It is huge! I think it feels this big too because it doesn't squish at the base . . . the fabric is too firm. I've only worn mine once. I had better give it more use sometime soon.

    Still saving up for the summer 2010 version. Mmm highlighter yellow stripes!

  6. Most of my earlier bags were quite big (to get my money's worth) But really, I don't get the mileage that I wanted from it. So now I am slowly shifting to smaller bags, and I'm happy I get to use them on a daily basis. Bottega is love ofcourse especially with their exotics, but too far fetched.

  7. If you really regret buying the tote, maybe you'll consider selling it to me?


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