Monday, 24 August 2009

cire trudon scented candles

recently i was being introduced to cire trudon candles, and i'm really amazed by them. i spent about an hour at liberty (london based dept store), going through all 19 varieties. it was a mind boggling experience, trying to take in so many different smells, and narrowing down the ones that i like.

the candles were kept inside the glass bells to keep the dust out, but also for a practical reason: it will be too overpowering to test smell the candles by smelling them direct. instead, lift the glass bell, and smell the bell as it would have been infused with the scent. now we all can act like pros!

i remember seeing these candles before but never tried them as they look so posh and luxurious. the glasses for the candles were all hand made in italy to resemble old style parisian tumblers, so no two glasses are the same. if the gold label at the front looks familiar: it is made by the oldest champagne label makers in france, who also make labels for dom pérignon and the likes. the wax also doesn't contain any of the harmful stuff as listed by greenpeace.

founded in 1643, marie antoinette was a regular client. now cire trudon also produces candles for other luxury fashion houses such as hermes, dior, cartier etc.

it is not just a candle!!

i had a wonderful time, listening to the stories and inspiration behind each and every scent. i love it when there's a story behind each creation, it just makes it a little more special and engaging. it was difficult to narrow down my favourites, but here are 5 that made a lasting impression (click on pics for more info if interested):

roi soleil was the first that i tried and it just lingered in my mind throughout. scent plays an important part to people, it evokes memories. this smelt of a wonderful combination of incense and wood. they wanted to capture the smell of the mirror gallery at the versailles in france. so they got them to scrub the floorboards to capture that smell and essence. i kid you not, but now i know how the mirror gallery smells like, and perhaps one day my room can smell like that too. i truly love it.

balmoral is a huge contrast to the previous scent. this is light and fresh, and it reminded me of freshly cut grass. i don't know why but as a kid i always encounter freshly cut grass and i love the smell of it. it's like the smell after rain has fallen. it's fresh, not linens fresh but misty wet ferns fresh.

l'admirable was another of my favourite. i love deep dark scents, and i remembered this being a mix of cologne and bitter orange. citrusy but not the run of the mill lemon/orange smells, but of a more masculine blend. i find this incredibly sexy, good for the bedroom.

odeur de lune: using my fake french, i guess it means odours of lunar/moon. this is a very interesting concept in that most of their other scents were about the past, the kings and queens back in their glorious days. this is about looking to the future, they wanted to create a scented candle which would let you know how the atmosphere would be like. of course no one knows how it smells like on the moon, the astronauts were all bubbled up. but nasa sent over some stones and minerals, and they created this conceptual scent. i must say this is a very acquired taste, but if you are curious as to how the moon "would" smell like, head down to one of their retailers and have a whiff.

ernesto is my favourite out of all 19 that i've tried, and is the one that i've gone for. if i remember correctly, this scent was inspired by che guevara and the cuban revolution. i find the scent incredibly moody and dark and sensuous and evocative. it smells of leather and wood with a hint of smoky cigars and open fires. it reminded me of my favourite scent, the now defunct helmut lang "cuiron". i heart cire trudon ernesto.

the candles should last between 70 to 80 hours and i mean the size on the left of course. the gargantuan one on the right weighs 8kgs and would last about 180hrs. impress guests much?

this has been an incredible eye (& nose!) opening experience, a first for me no less. if one has about 30 to 45mins to spare, go try out the candles and awaken the senses! if you're in london, try liberty (the whole tudor style of the building just adds to it), or you can order it online here.

p/s: sorry for the lackluster pics, it's just too difficult to take indoor pics but i'll use my flash in future...



  1. Thanks Joe, you just added another stop on my itinerary! Oh, Mark may be coming to London too, all of us really need to meet up!

  2. what are you apologizing about? the pictures are good, at least for me. :-)

  3. the pics are just fine, they look so romantic...

    i love these! i was checking candles from the nespresso boutique last saturday and they smelled good, too.

  4. bb: yes you should stop by liberty for a look see, and try the candles!

    allan: thanks :D

    fm: Ooo did you get any candles?

  5. They're quite expensive at around 35 GBP so I passed. :p


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