Tuesday, 25 August 2009

dsquared2 fall winter 2009

a few more picks from this season's selection, this time two pairs of shoes from dsquared2 fall winter 2009:

white leather sneakers with sand colored suede toe caps. the gold square studs is totally on trend. very nice.

i love love love this pair of boots, but the heel height is killing me. it's actually higher than it looks. but i do love the tri color combination. LOVE!

a similar pair from dsquared2's previous season is also available on yoox.

happy shoesday.


  1. the tri color boot is not my favorite :/
    i feel it's too christmas-y
    but the white leather sneakers I WANT! ...it might just be possible that everything looks better in gold :D

  2. now that you mentioned, it is a bit christmasy haha

    that sneakers is lovely, yes i agree everything looks better in gold!

  3. sorry to be the buzzkill. but i must say that the white sneakers are incredibly tacky. they make me think of something babyphat would come out with. especially with white and gold. the gold studs are the tackiest part about the shoe! it just looks trashy.

    the leather boots on the other hand are amazing. admittedly the tri-color is christmas-y but its pretty cool.

    the 'dirtied' toe of the second boot makes for a killer casual boot.

    i think a burgundy boot with the same style would be just amazing too

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what's he wearing?