Thursday, 20 August 2009

esquire UK - the september issue

at a time when most magazines are finding way to cut costs, esquire UK did quite the opposite: they released a special commemorative issue in hard cover. priced at £4.25, it's the same price as the regular "paper back" issue. must have cost them more to manufacture, but clever marketing gimmick? it certain got my attention at the newsstand, and i gladly picked it up.

i even flipped the papers carefully as i don't want to damage it. what's gone into me?! i used to subscribe to esquire UK, it cost me £12 for 12 issues which was a fantastic deal. i was even generous enough to buy a subscription for a friend. but after a year the price went back up, we kind of left it as that.

great for keeps, go hunt down your limited edition hard copy from the newsstands!


what's he wearing?