Tuesday, 11 August 2009

gap menswear fall winter 2009

a few looks from gap menswear fall winter 2009. gap never really did pushed the boat out with their menswear, i still believe it's clever styling in some ways. i love the denim shirt on the left (but why the frumpy styling??) and the degrade denim vest on the right.

pierre hardy will also be designing three shoes for gap's womenswear collections. why none for the boys??




  1. I want those boots. :-)

    I agree Gap menswear is always quite plain and nothing too outstanding. If only Pierre Hardy designs the mens shoes...:-P

  2. Agreed, the styling's a bit naff. But, I think with GAP, I tend to really dissect the "average" overall looks and search for the quality staples they offer each season e.g. jeans or tees/polos. Their jackets/shirts/anything else never really appealed.

    Love the roll-down worker boots.


  3. kev: i think he did it one season but it kinda bombed...

    cillian: gap rarely interest me these days, even with the occasional 30% friends and family voucher. they need more designer collab, which they do with womenswear but they need to roll it out to the boys too...

  4. the styling is very Michael Bastian.

  5. That is some heinous footwear right there. Coupled with the "styling", the poor model in the bottom left looks almost freakishly deformed in the leg area.

  6. Gap really have lost their way. They have been completely outclassed by Uniqlo for basics to my mind. The design and quality are better, they have designer collabs (I mean have you seen the shots of the new Jil Sander range?) and they are cheaper.

    I've only bought one thing in Gap this year I think.

  7. lassse pedersen reminds me of patrick dempsey in that pic. i don't know why... and someone mentioned Pierre Hardy - is he the shoe designer for Balenciaga?... 'coz i saw i video of Pierre Hardy being interviewed on Balenciaga spring 2009 show, and he's talking or explaining about the shoes. Am i correct?


what's he wearing?