Tuesday, 11 August 2009

h&m party winter 2009

if there's a theme for h&m menswear party winter 2009, it would be... black, black and more black.

i love the jacket but i don't know how it will translate down to the shops. too hairy??

love this. i might just get this to go with distressed denims.

lovely shirt but i wouldn't wear it on it's own. i'll layer a v-neck sweater over it.

mmm i don't know what this is. if it's a pin brooch i want one...

jasper, i found you your wedding shoe!!!!!!

what would we do without h&m?



  1. Without H&M the world would just stop spinning, I swear. Lol.

  2. a lot of times the fur collars are detachable...

  3. Holy shitballs. I love that shoe.

  4. The style is definitely haute couture. I'm more concerned with the quality of materials. I hope the coat will be a suede and rabbit fur coat, but that's not gonna happen...

  5. They don't use real fur. It says on the website they are anti fur. Which I think is good. Real fur is soo cruel and unnecessary.

  6. I want that swirly pin brooch thing too! That's about it really...


what's he wearing?