Sunday, 9 August 2009

limited edition mr hare "thompson"

it is no surprise that i am in lust with mr hare's "thompson". when i saw the pics back in december 2008, i knew i had to get it.

"thompson" is currently only available in black, and is exclusive to online retailer i fell head over heels for the grey version when he previewed the shoes to press and buyers last year. grey "thompson" wasn't put into production, but mr hare very kindly requested the factory in italy to produce one specially for me!

the attention to details is amazing. the name of the shoe is etched in gold on the inside, as with all his other shoes. there are only 3 pairs of grey "thompson" in existence, one for mr hare's archive, one in size 9 for me, and one in size 11 for a friend of mr hare, who clearly shared the same taste as me. true limited edition?

i picked grey, as these have a slightly 1920s feel to them. the color is versatile enough for me to integrate with stuff in my wardrobe. now that i tried it on, i can say it fits true to size.

the leather soles are immaculate, quality just like what you would expect from a top notch shoe maker. we shouldn't expect less, as the shoes were made from the same factory which produces shoes for gucci and ferragamo. that's the thing that excites me: he's gone top notch for his debut collection.

i think i twisted my ankle doing that!

it didn't come in a shoddy plain white shoe box, but with a nicely patterned and sturdy box for keeps. i wonder if there's any detail that mr hare hasn't thought of.

no you can't have my grey "thompson", but you can have the equally sleek black "thompson" which is available exclusively from oki-ni, and they do ship internationally. click here for ordering details.

bliss & happy sundays.


  1. Limited Edition Mr Hare's...lucky you!
    Persoanlly, I'm mesmerised by the Orwell.

  2. absolutely beautiful! congrats Joe.

  3. Wow. Talk about limited editions. :-)

  4. Congratulations. A gorgeous and rare treat.

  5. Simply Gorgeous! And Ultra Exclusive! Congrats.

  6. i would put those in a safe somewhere.....because they are so beautiful...i might just consider stealing them...they are beautiful!

  7. Lucky you! I love the shoe in grey, very unique colour:-)


  8. if i were you, so as to cherish it, i will not wear it on street.... looks very good on you!!!


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