Tuesday, 25 August 2009

marvin humes from JLS in burberry prorsum

if you're in the UK, you can't escape the "x-factor" mania (the series that uncovered talents the likes of leonna lewis). the 2009 series started last saturday, and attracted a record 9.9m audiences. proof that in these economic times, people aren't going out but staying home to watch some tele?

last year's runner ups, pop group JLS, recently released their debut single, the annoyingly catchy "beat again" which debuted at number one in the UK charts. when i saw the mtv, i thought group member marvin humes' top looked somewhat familiar.

man, muscle much? in the mtv, marvin wore a burberry prorsum pre-spring summer 2009 button downed top with a ruched detailing

a similar version is available at matchesfashion, currently reduced in the sale to £78.

i love it when i see things on tv and i recognise where they're from!

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  1. I have this piece of top from Prorsum. But i hate it.

    I love it so much initially before my first wash. The cotton is so thin and fine, it went out of shape and tore 2 small holes after my first wash. And i actually hand wash it very gently.


  2. I neeed this top ! Alas Matches has only L-XL. Does anyone know any other retailer stocking this tee?

    Roland : Does the tee shirt run small?

  3. Does the Burberry shirt have buttons?

  4. the one i have is with buttons. fitting wise, its slim. but not skinny fit though. Maybe i can say it kinda fit true to size.


  5. roland: i would suggest to hand wash all the delicate items, even if it's cotton. it's a pain, but i do that to prevent.. more pain lol

    A: i think the tshirt is rather fitted. if you're a typical medium, i suggest going for L, as it might also shrink a bit in the wash.

  6. A: Prorsum runs smaller than the mainline. A small London looks ridiculous on me compared to a small Prorsum.


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