Saturday, 15 August 2009

men out shop women online, noooooooo!

there's a piece of research carried out by paypal, indicating that over 12.9 million men shop online today as compared with 10.3 million women. men are also spending more online than women. the average online spend over the last six months was £2,602 for men compared to £1,930 for women.

shocking behavioral patterns? the paypal report suggests that men were quicker to turn to the internet at the beginning of the economic downturn, looking to save money by shopping around, and to research products in more depth before buying them. it seems that it is impatience at the shops that drove men to the internet for their shopping, in particular for technology and gadgets.

gadgets did you say? how about the uber stylish philippe starck designed alessi juicer?

and according to their survey, men's love affair with online shopping looks set to accelerate. 41% of male shoppers plan to do as much of their shopping as possible online in future against to just 29% of women.

i must say, like most men i hate crowds at the shops, and i do find myself increasingly shopping online. it cuts overhead costs for the retailers, and they past it back to us. eg 10% off, and free shipping when we spend more than £45 online at uniqlo. check the banner on the right! and when the jil sander +j range comes out, i'll probably buy it online too. no need to take time off work to fight with the crowds.

shopping online allows us to find great deals, like the amazing emma hope python leather shoes, reduced to... £55! python leather! but it's one size too big for me, dang!

i do love going to the shops, but doing it online is just sometimes a little bit easier. now, did i spend £2,602 online for the past six months...



  1. We love online shopping!

  2. Well, the internet is convenient, guilt free(initial stage), and the whole world is your boutique as some countries like Singapore have buyers who only bring in very boring pieces. Plus, for asian shoppers, there is a substantial savings, like you are buying on a european holiday with VAT exclusive! We love shopping online. Baked Bean Boys' new motto:-)

  3. Indeed we do!

    Now where is Mr Duck? Oh wait, he's at Vuitton now...

  4. what on earth is that crazy alien looking thing? :)

  5. online shoping is a usefull way..

  6. hey do they ship this internationally?

  7. I'm from Singapore... so I was wondering if they ship this internationally...

  8. anon/bobo: the products are from yoox, and they do ship internationally!

  9. But when i tried to order it... they said they can only sell it within the UK... and the international version does not stock up on Emma Hope For Men :S


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