Tuesday, 11 August 2009

mika and his blue patent leather studded men's louboutin

pop sensation mika quite literally has the world at his feet. monsieur christian louboutin custom made a few pair of shoes for him, which included a pair of silver hi-tops, and the above blue patent leather shoes, complete with this season's must have: studs.

i am a little bit jealous.

*jumps on bed*



  1. Them are sweet!! haha. Hello. Just found your blog. Really cool. Had to be a new follower. Come check out mine if you'd like. Happy blogging!

  2. they're awesome! damn Mika.

    i saw the Prada version the other day, they're really fantastic, but i just don't see them getting any mileage with me.

  3. yah why so shiny rah rah

  4. Rivet Studded is definitely ruling the trend, but I do home there will be a wearable version of studded shoe available for men, you know, like a studded boots or maybe even a sneaker. Studded cap-toe is just too much fashionable to wear :)

  5. Had I seen these before my recent shoe-post they'd have definitely made the list.

    Blue, patent, studs - three of my favourite details...I never thought myself and Mika would be on the same sartorial wavelength.

  6. mika is very stylish, at times flamboyant but i love his style.

    louboutin Louboutin LOUBOUTIN!

  7. i want this shoes, where to buy ???

  8. for me, it's his pink coat that wins. me no likey too much studding. i do like how he wears the shoes. oh and that head of mad curls.


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