Tuesday, 4 August 2009

not lying down

what's in fashion for fall winter 2009? sliding off the couch, and ermm putting one leg up the couch?

jennifer connelly looks just about hanging by the edge there. that balenciaga collection felt very french to me, almost like a tribute to the late yves saint laurent. as much as i love jennifer she just looks to "american" for this collection.

kristen, oh kristen mcmenamy. one of my favourite models from the 90s heading the lanvin campaign. how i miss her dearly! both jennifer and kristen are in their 40s now, so there is life (and career) after 40! we see christy turlington (another of my fave!) in the latest YSL ads too, why the change in castings towards a more "mature" model?

.: linda, cindy, naomi and christy at versace 1991. you know you've made it when no surnames are needed :.

let's face it, the age group with the biggest spending power is probably those in their 30s and 40s. they grew up in the era of the supermodels, where the big four sashayed down the versace runway in unity. they aged so gracefully now, people aspire to be like them, consumers buy into the ad campaigns. casting a svelte 20-something model is directional, but it hardly speaks to the target audience, ie those with the purchasing power. consumers want mileage with their products in this economic climate. and what better way to prove it by casting an everlasting supermodel.

if only the menswear campaigns could be that relevant.

glory to the 90s! now where's nadja auermann??

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