Monday, 24 August 2009

roberto cavalli fall winter 2009

updated monday 24th aug: via the fashionisto, in september issue of details magazine, clément chabernaud (who walked down runway in the same coat) models the roberto cavalli coat which i featured last week. we can see the metal hinges, that's where the detachable fox fur collar goes. brilliant, i love the coat.

i recently visited the showrooms to look at the latest fall winter 2009 collections. i had an amazing time, the rooms were jam packed with the latest collections. i wish i could photograph them all, or even just move in and stay there but eventually i got shooed out. i did ask for a job as a night time security so i could "protect" the clothes at night but my application got rejected.

ho hum, i did select my favourites (it was difficult selecting from so many!) to share on here. i picked lots of shoes, bags and coats. i love coats, and it is a good investment since london is cold pretty much 9 months in a year. coats give us structure and shape, and it is one of the first thing i notice when i meet someone.

first up: an amazing coat from roberto cavalli with a detachable fox fur pelt. i probably have to sell my kidneys and left liver to afford this, but my heart literally skipped a beat when i saw this. most of the fall winter collections were pretty subdued due to the current economic climate, so it is very nice to see such an opulent and luxurious coat which allows the aspirational consumer an illusion of grandeur. yes, my kidneys and left liver is safe, for now.

since we're on topic of human organs, i really do heart this coat. if we were not in 28 degrees heat i would have asked to try it on.

.: model clement chabernaud in roberto cavalli fall winter 2009 :.

i love it when they paired such a luxurious coat, with a casual pair of slip-ons for the runway look. and here's a similar pair, which i do admit, i rather like too!

i love love l00o00ve. there's more of my fall winter 2009 selections to come soon!

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  1. the shoes... are they bedroom slippers? that coat's love.

  2. TTFT: not bedroom slippers, i've seen them up close, it's proper shoes, which i must say am pretty impressed.

    need to get myself a fur coat soon!

  3. Damn! Look like somebody jumped one of them Navajo Injuns.

  4. The slip-ons look like a Turkish kilim carpet fabric! Hehe

  5. ugly coat, because of the fur on it.

  6. LOVE the coat! I kind of have a coat fetish, and a fur fetish... wow! beautiful!

  7. dude, you have 1 liver (on the right side of your body), what's on your right is your stomach : )

  8. lol we learn something new everyday! but my liver and stomach and kidneys, all intact for now!

  9. fabulous cave man look!!

  10. That's what they call investment piece !...


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