Sunday, 9 August 2009

sights & sounds

a few of my favourite reads this week:

martin margiela mahjong set to commemorate 3rd anniversary of store in hong kong (above)

bagaholicboy giveaway: clue no.1 (hint: before the comments section...)

interview of catherine kallon, author of one of my favourite blogs: redcarpet fashionwards
[london evening standard]

one of the best blog posts i've ever read: a penpal's tribute to the late john hughes
[we'll know when we get there]

steven meisel's tribute to richard avedon featuring linda evangelista

those much coveted studded shoes from prada!

pictorial tour of lanvin homme's office, including pics of amazing prototypes (below)
[the selby]

oh lanvin. the unmentionables i would do to get my hands on you...


  1. Oh dear.. I love mahjong, and that set is soooo gorgeous.

    I thought I should say thank you for the first bagaholicboy hint too :)

  2. that set is too pristine to be played with!

    i hope you'll win!

  3. Oh my godddd. The mahjong set! The tile's pictures or whatever you call it is soooooo lovely on the white. I want to get it. It's just going to be another reason to love playing mahjong more.

  4. the mahjong set is free with purchase of HKD9k or more, which is just fabulous!

  5. Shelby's photos are simply amazing, so many Hi-Tops in one place!!!

  6. woohoo! codeword *hugsss
    am so estatic!
    haha mahjong?! bet my parents would love that for christmas keke

  7. I love love love the lanvin velvet green shoes.....

  8. I seriously wouldn't mind if the giveaway is the mahjong set :D

    I guess if I do play with it, I will end up smacking my kaki's hands if they are not gloved or something.

    Soo pweettttyyy!

  9. great to see ur blog is up and running again!!!

    i want the mahjong set... looooovely. It would go great with my full 'black' version hehe...(of cos not MM one lah)


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