Friday, 28 August 2009

trussardi 1911 fall winter 2009

i previously featured a trussardi 1911 leather keepall with embossed animals, here's another bag with the same features, but with grey wool plaid design. it's amazingly lightweight, masculine and practical.

i think trussardi 1911 has a good season with their accessories. i picked another bag from the same collection too, that being my favourite i shall leave it as the last of the 3 bags post.

.: from the runway, trussardi 1911 fall winter 2009 :.

.: andrés velencoso segura for trussardi 1911 fall winter 2009 advertising campaign :.

the keepalls were reworked in different materials and colors for spring summer 2010. seems like this classic shape is here to stay for trussardi 1911, and i think it's great as i love my keepalls.


(off topic: i think i am a bit slow, but is andrés velencoso segura dating kylie minogue??)


  1. I think (not you're slow... kylie/andrés)

  2. Ahhh, the keepall. I die.

  3. yes, u r sure..... andrés is dating kylie!!!!

  4. Love the holdall!
    And yeah, it's been a while now between Kylie & Andres... ah, lucky girl.

  5. Do u know how much it retails for?
    Look like a size 50 keepall from here.. i like it a lot..

  6. this is a really great find. might snag one myself. it unfortunate that not enough men have caught onto the man-bag trend. if there was a bigger market for it, there would be a surplus of wonderful styles like this one. =)

  7. Thank you following more template.....


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