Monday, 31 August 2009

trussardi 1911 fall winter 2009

i love shoes that aren't black, and it gets me excited when i see a nice and well made pair. excuse the scratches as it's been battered, but can i class these as monk straps? these are so beautiful, i really do like.

the shoes, as seen on the runway of trussardi 1911 fall winter 2009. erm, what is he carrying?!

but that 2 tone suit is rather amazing isn't it. the suit, complete with the leather harness, was also featured in an editorial for flaunt magazine.

interesting, and intriguing!



  1. I always loved Trussardi ads but wasn't too hot for the clothing itself...this suit makes me yearn. Esp. love the harness...part-Equestrian-chic, part-workwear.


  2. i like the 2 tone jacket. id lose the harness though.

  3. Yeah, I'm all for that harness too.

    Strap me in, tight!

    And that siamese twin bag is strange and striking too.

  4. the suit is great. i love it... would like to wear it!!!!

  5. Nice And to wear it

  6. The harness is hot! as does the tweed jacket!:-P

    go Milan!:-P Hope he will succeed in Trussardi where he did not at Jil Sander:-P

  7. wow, i love that two tone jacket as well with the harness thing. so unique. love it to bits.

  8. Love it! Sadly I can't seem to pull off brown very well though. :<

  9. Wow, check these shoes,are these available to buy?????


what's he wearing?