Thursday, 13 August 2009

uniqlo +j advertising campaign preview

the whole fashion world awaits with bated breathe for the soon to be released "uniqlo +j" collection, in which german designer jil sander is at the helm. here's a sneak peek at 2 pics from the upcoming advertising campaign. lensed by one of my favourite photographers, david sims, and it featured models sean o'pry and isabeli fontana.

uniqlo will start selling the +j collection in the US and UK on oct 1 and in asia on oct 2. the coats will retail for about US$155.

can't wait!



  1. Bertelli tried to take Jil Sander down market durign the Prada nightmare. I hope this works out better. The world of fashion misses her firm hand!

  2. bb: nothing as static as those mulberry ads!!

  3. I'm wondering if this is going to be another sold out in 1 day thing; or do you think the quantities will be greater? If I don't make it to London on the 1st am I to kiss +J goodbye?

  4. The other uniqlo collabs did mostly sell out on the first day, but they restocked in store and online within a couple of weeks.

    Best not to hang about though.

  5. i think jil is signed on for a longer period, and there's the option to purchase it online too..

  6. I cannot wait to see the full forty piece line. There has been a big media push to say that the +J designs will be more readily available so fingers crossed they are. That said, I'll make sure I get down there early on the opening morning!

  7. Damn, just when I'll have no money as well!

    Would love one of these men's coats!

  8. Thanks for telling me about this. :)

    I can't wait either.


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