Monday, 3 August 2009

viktor & rolf red nylon bomber jacket

during the january sales i came across this gorgeous nylon bomber jacket from viktor & rolf. it has now made it's way online too. click on pic for more info:

.: nylon jacket from viktor & rolf a/w 2008, also available in black and blue :.

and here's my interpretation. i wore size 38 for the jacket:

kanye west was also spotted wearing this jacket last year. i decided not to get the jacket back then as i chose my balenciaga bag instead. second time coming?



  1. i personally couldn't pull-off the puffer/quilted effect. but it looks really good on you. GO FOR IT!!!!

  2. Love the V&R logo, it's fierce!

  3. I tried on a bomber jacket but I dont have the build for it. it looks weird on me.

  4. i was contemplating, but the price on yoox is 50% more than what i could have bought it for at the sale!

  5. Awww should have gotten it during the sale in London. This will make a nice piece for winter.

    YOOX is always more expensive in pricing.

    Decisions, decisions for you again...:-P

  6. At least you didnt look like a puffy fish....good god, its ex

  7. save the money to buy something new, especially the price on yoox is ridicious for second coming!!!

  8. Great read. I am looking forward to implementing this concept of friend retrieval. Thanks


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