Friday, 21 August 2009

World exclusive: Goyard London opens on Monday 24th August 2009

I am beyond excited to share this piece of exclusive imagery and below information with you! Back in April I showed you pics of the facade and the exciting news that French luxury goods makers, Goyard, will be opening their first ever shop in Europe outside of France. It is now confirmed that they will be opening on August 24th 2009, at 116 Mount Street, London.

More about the choice of location:
Goyard at 116 Mount Street - situated in the midst of Mayfair – creates an authentic parallel to this discerning legacy. The subtle and steady gentrification of the local area, as well as the classic elegance of the listed building itself, have both proved intrinsic to this harmonious evolution.

The building at 116, in its current guise, was designed and built by architect James Trant Smith in 1886, to replace the site of an earlier 18th century terraced house. The upper floors comprised of residential accommodation, while the ground floor played host to a Poulterer named John Bailey and Son, whose moniker was carved on the entablature. This, along with the nearby bakery owned by Mr Tait, and a neighbouring butcher, Mr. Green at number 117, gave the area a familiar character all of its own.

A combination of inspiration being drawn from La Maison Goyard in the rue Saint Honore - recognisable for it’s hand carved mahogany stairwell and period panelling - and a profound respect for the history and aesthetics of this unique London enclave, becomes pleasingly apparent throughout 116 Mount Street. Only the finest of materials have been carefully selected and utilised: solid mahogany, polished brass, and antique oak parquet all complement the building’s heritage and resonate with the careful attention characteristic of La Maison Goyard. Period details, such as the original ceiling and cornices, have been reinstated throughout the space; hardware, lighting and millwork detailing accurately reflect designs of the late 19th century.

This remarkable West End debut further enables Goyard to transpose its time-honoured traditions from the heart of Paris directly into the epicentre of London. Subtly referencing the rich history of rue Saint Honore, while respecting the unique spirit of Mayfair, has created the most discerning of environments. Goyard at 116 Mount Street possesses such authenticity, one might imagine it originally opened here in tandem with its Parisian predecessor.

Address of store:
Goyard London
116 Mount Street

Tel: +44 (0)207 478 9900



  1. how exciting! thanks for the news.

  2. Oooh faboo! you'll be hauling your way there soon I'll bet! Hope you receive the camelia's soon! I sent them a few days back! I tweeted about it! Did you receive the tweet?

  3. alex: :D

    tivoli: i'll sure be checking it out! not received tweet, my twitter username is 000o000 though...

    forget paris come shop at london goyard!

    thanks for sending me the camelias!

  4. Lols, I know the people at the Maison too well, plus they take priority in getting their factory to paint my initials& symbols faster! hehe & ur welcomed for the camelias!

  5. congrats for the scoop and the new store! i was thinking tonight i want to go back to london. then your announcement, bam! all the more reason to go!

  6. fm: the pound is weak so it makes sense to shop in london. come come!

  7. Come on Mark. Let's all meet up in London!

  8. 000o000, thx for the news.
    On another note, I just checked your twitter, would really love that you tweet more about yourself other than promoting your posts. We want to know more about the man behind the blog! ;)

    Keep it up.

  9. @ BB - when are you in London again? I would need to apply for a visa still if ever, so let's see how that pans out.

  10. i need the number for the goyard shope becase i call thise number +4402074789900 but its rong can you give anathor number


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