Sunday, 30 August 2009

youtube sundays

a short 2mins clip showing the acting prowess of tom ford. very mesmerising, why isn't he a full fledged actor yet? his directorial debut will be shown at the upcoming venice film festival, it will be good.


  1. the entire scene seems like it was taken separately. sorry, but i think he should just stick to his day job.

  2. i agree also, but he is incredibly captivating...! Maybe it's my 'silver fox' mode kicking in but Tom Ford could capture air with his smile and a few interesting words

  3. The single idea of Tom kissing him such make feel that EVERYTHING's possible... He is just too ugly 4him... I thought that Tommy was completely diferent but he could actually fall in love of someone not pretty at all... unless that's what he's sellin' here.

    PS: This blog's amazing don't you EVER stop posting, seriously. I love when you write about men shoes... my favourites.



  4. Tom Ford can't act for nuts. What's with the eyes?


what's he wearing?