Tuesday, 1 September 2009

8 point guide to the blog!

i try to make the blog as clean and easy to read as possible, but i do understand that sometimes it might be a bit confusing for those not used to it. hopefully the below 8 point guide will help everyone get the most out of it. if this feels like a "teaching you how to suck eggs" session, then look away now!

1. for every post made, i categorised them into various "labels", ie grouping posts with the same topic together. hence if you're interested in more posts about "balenciaga" or my "wishlist", click on those and it will bring up all the posts with the same "label". "labels" are located at end of each post.

2. if you like anything that's posted and want to let others know, click on the "retweet" button, and it will automatically take you to your twitter page, ready for tweeting!

3. blogger automatically generates three posts of a similar nature that "you might also like" from my archive of postings. if you're interested in any of those, clicking on them will take you directly to that.

4. this section displays the last three tweets made. if you would like to see all my tweets, or to "follow me on twitter", click on that link.

5. you can also follow the blog if you have a google or yahoo account. simply click on the "follow" button!

6. these are a few of my daily reads, updated whenever they make new postings. clicking on them opens a new window/tab.

7. to go back to the front page, simply click on anywhere within the white spaces within the blog title.

8. if you need to send me money, click on that email address! go on, you know you want to...

voilĂ ! hope this helps!


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