Monday, 7 September 2009

adam levine and his guns & roses t-shirt

adam levine from maroon 5 (still around??!) was spotted leaving an upmarket eatery last saturday. he was looking absolutely fine in a white t-shirt, slightly distressed denims and nicely covered ( i can only dream) tatts.

i thought his t-shirt was from some high end designer label, but it is really from the "guns & roses" shop! the t-shirt retails for US$19.99.

you might beg to differ, but i think he looks great in that get-up. he proved that we don't need expensive treads to dine at upmarket restaurants, and we don't need labels to help us look great. gosh, did i just say that? i must be getting old.

time to hit the gym and tatts palour too.



  1. Let's not forget how homophobic GnR were before investing in any gear. I for one would totally boycot them. For example, the controversial lyrics to "One in a Million" go

    Immigrants and faggots,
    They make no sense to me.
    They come to our country
    And think they'll do as they please.
    Like start some mini-Iran.
    Or spread some fucking disease.

  2. Adam Levine is getting bigger. He was somewhat skinny around the time of This Love video.

  3. To the Anonymous poster above, in case you weren't also aware that particular track you quoted is also off the EP of which the t-shirt is for!

    A brand called Mighty Healthy did a cool take off version of it, worth trying to track down too!

  4. guns n roses fuckin sucks.


what's he wearing?