Thursday, 17 September 2009

COS fall winter 2009

last week i popped by COS to have a look at their latest fall winter 2009 collection. i tried on the above blazer, and it is l00o00ve. the grey blazer is made from a stiff fabric, which is great as it provides shape and gives the wearer a good silhouette.

the blazer fitted perfectly. it comes with matching trousers too so i can make it into a formal suit. i can't fault the tailoring and finish, it's beautiful. the blazer retails for £195. i love it, but i thought the price is a bit steep so i put it back.

and then i tried on the varsity-like jacket, again it fitted so well. i think i am going back more often now, as their sizing is good for me. the jacket with leather sleeves and wool body retails for about £250.

the leather and wool jacket was also featured in their ad campaign/lookbook too.

COS is dangerous i tell you.


  1. Like this a lot 00o00. See, this is inspired design. Inspired by Balenciaga, I'd say, but still a distinct COS style.

    You have a a finely tuned valuometer, if you are able to walk away.

  2. yeah COS is a shop in my top shops, shame its nowhere near me and they dont do online. boo. i wanted the cape.

  3. korok: finely tuned valuometer lol! i like that!

    mat: COS is opening more shops, there's one in westfields too. they might eventually do online shops i guess...

  4. i've got the hooded cape (last image) and it's totally amazing.

    the next think i'll buy from cos: the boots (first picture).

    i adore the jacket with the leather sleeves but it’s a bit too expensive i think.

  5. i tried the cape but it swallowed me whole lol!

    the boots looks gorgeous.

    shhh, i'll wait for the jacket with leather sleeves to go on sale....

  6. i bought the cape in small
    and it’s perfect.

    the boots cost about £150
    and that’s totally fair i think!

    i'll wait for sale too!
    but stop: there’s something
    like a private sale here
    in germany with 20% off
    everything in mid october.
    that could be an option.

    i will think about. ;)

  7. I must give COS another chance. I like those but I'll wait for sale season. :-)

  8. i wish i had a cos i always hear such good things about it. (also dont have an h&m either, but im not impressed w/ them)
    that varsity jacket is very nice. it's sleek enough that it doesnt become preppy.

  9. gosh! why there'll be private sale of 20% off in germany?!? never heard of such in london... or m i not on their list yet? :/

  10. omg..i juz bought the one with leather sleeves today and here it is on
    btw did u see this long black coat..stiff wool as well..with a high collar with hidden front buttons??

    COS is expanding soon....i heard they r opening quite a number in europe when i was chatting with the sales assistant today....

  11. COS really is dangerous. The store is so well "curated."

    When is sale season here in the UK?


  13. yeah sure i can say the jackets look great... and they do. but i am quite attracted to the rest of the outfit. the tucked in Nehru collar shirt, selvage jeans that fit perfectly, and the slim and sleek brown leather belt are so sexy! i want to comment on the shoes too but they are hard to make out... dark blue suede? whatever they are they look nice! esp. because they are pointy toed

  14. i really love your bag.

    please do a shoe post! all of your shoes!

  15. it’s the third time i could join
    that kind of private sale.

    the last event was sponsored
    by vogue. now it’s elle. i don’t
    if there’s something like that
    in uk?

    i tried the boots on today
    but they look totally different!
    no used look! no shiny leather!
    nothing special... :/

  16. The varsity jacket is so balenciaga!:-)

    I love the has a very sharp fit and cut...and I agree..price is a bit steep...but so nice!

  17. yeah Kevin, varsity look Balenciaga-ish.

  18. Where did you buy your jeans?


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  20. what is the brand of the laced shoes that you have on the first picture?


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