Tuesday, 15 September 2009

diesel black gold spring summer 2010 preview (part two)

last week i posted 2 of my favourite pieces from diesel black gold spring summer 2010. here are some more pics from the rest of the collection which i am very excited to share! here's an exclusive look at what's arriving in stores come jan/feb 2010:

i love this tuxedo style blazer. the fabric is slightly shiny giving it a lux feel. i think this will look amazing when paired with denims to give it a contrast. i like!

the blazer as seen from the lookbook

one of my favourite shirts from this collection. loving the subtle details all round. notice the spacing between the buttons!

the shirt as seen from the lookbook. i am also crazy over those trousers!!!

the brushed cotton t-shirts are very soft to the touch. at first this seems like a normal family tree t-shirt, but look closely and you'll see that they were gagged, blind-folded and masked. there's actually a hint of sadomasochistic vibe, which apparently was the theme for this collection. mmmm i like haha!

continuing with the S&M vibes, a t-shirt for those with shoe fetishes...

the t-shirt as seen from the lookbook

and speaking of shoes...

i love this pair of white sneakers. love!

the bags followed the styling from fall winter 2009, pairing distressed leather handles with carefully aged and dirtied canvas. seriously, no one does distressed better than diesel black gold.

i really do love the bags. they look so well battled, i heart.

the bag as seen from their lookbook

i had an amazing time previewing the collection. i look forward to spring 2010, it's going to be fantastic. i hope it's going to be great on a personal level for me, and i hope the economy will revive. in the words of take that, "things can only get better...."

source: diesel black gold


  1. hi.. just dropping by here... have a nice day! http://kantahanan.blogspot.com/

  2. I really like their shoes! The light grey suede one looks nice.

  3. chris: yea i love the shoes, loving the hi-tops!

  4. thru you, ive really begun to be impressed with diesel. when i lived in miami, diesel & armani exchange were like the cool "status" brands.

  5. 00o00: Remember to let us know when these will become available! In the past I have always disliked their shoes, but they seem to have made some very positive changes...

  6. The way Diesel does distressed makes the garments look like they were pulled straight out of the dumpster. Worst of all, though, is that that "styling" was done purposefully to imitate.
    For me,the only way to "authentic" and "honest" distressing is buying a pair of raw jeans or a leather holdall and making them your own with day-to-day wear.
    I've noticed a common tendency with many trends - most of them just don't make any sense in a daily urban context and followers end up looking completely out of place with no understanding of the philosophy behind a garment/brand/etc; i.e wearing whatever the designers regurgitate. Sometimes it even seems designers are just experimenting with how much crap they can get away with. Complete disconnection between product and user.
    Sorry for being a purist - but it's really refreshing to take a break and see the madness behind the hype.
    Oh, and sorry for the awfully long comment.

  7. wow, go Diesel - i'm impressed!

    I love the tux jacket, the suede shoes, AND the stunning midnight blue weekend duffel, I need to buy at least one of these items!


  8. Enjoyed reading this.
    The family tree T-shirt is very cool btw.

    greetings :).


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