Monday, 28 September 2009

model or human

supermodel carmen kass was spotted on yesterday's emilio pucci show, in a bit of a hairy moment. i kid you not, those weren't photoshopped pics. according to the grapevine, carmen has a strong opinion when it comes to shaving, much like julia roberts and bjork.

a reader commented that "it makes her more human". i have no problems with her as a person sticking to her beliefs. but pucci employed her as a model to make the products look good, so i am struggling to come to terms with pucci's decision, not carmen. gosh this is a hairy topic, much like the discussion of having colored or plus sized models on the runway.

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  1. -h: that's a rather powerful statement.

    as a model, she's employed to make the products appealing. i can't foresee droves of women rushing to pucci wanting to buy that snakeskin sandals upon seeing that pic.

    gosh i'm touching on a hairy topic here

  2. i agree obviously when your a model you basically have to do what the client tells you, that's your job. so i have to agree, she should have shaved her legs, because it really doesn't make the product look good.

    & -h, i agree with the fact that it does make her more human, but i really doubt the client employed her to be human, they employed her to create a fantasy of what the product can do for you (fantasy!!) and hairy legs don't really enhance a least in my opinion

  3. It's intriguing that this topic even came to be.. it's hard to imagine all models being able to embrace naturalness the way kass does in this instance..

    perhaps her p.o.v is that the focus should be on the clothes and not her? i don't know.. interesting nonetheless..

  4. let me clarify, as just an average joe, i take a guilty pleasure in seeing model's flaws, because it makes them more human.

    but as a stylist (if were one) this is a HUGE no-no!

    on a side note, i saw this same incident when i was looking of detail shots on a tom ford era ysl runways!!!

  5. Its not just now that Carmen's been hairy.. She's been like that for seasons! At first I thought she just forgot to shave/wax, but then now after seeing this, I think she loves her hairy leg.. *unsure*

    From Versace Spring 08:

    Honestly, its quite distracting and disturbing at the same time. She's a model and has been in the industry for ages, and its expected that she would be presentable (including legs shaved)..

  6. Kass has never shaved her legs and it has been accepted for 15 years by all the designers, that said it obviously does not affect the selling power that she holds. I do not agree with the comments that imply that the models should shave, as there a many women who do not shave ( probably more than the ones who prefere to shave) and equally as many men who prefer it unshaved. It is a matter of choice and the beauty point of view stays to the individual observe.

  7. What's sad is this really is isn't the first time like Bengt pointed out. Shame because she used to be so stunning. Stil drop dead gorgeous, but I remember at Versace FW 08, she had an acne issue that even the make-up couldn't hide. O_o

  8. Personally i dont like it, especially cuz she has quite a lot of hair, its not just a lil bit that you feel with a graze, its visible from far, so that might be distracting, but BUT the fashion houses have been hiring her for years like this, so clearly it doesn't bother them, the ones that it does, they don't use her...its that simple!

  9. To the poster up above I am yet to met a single man who prefers a woman to have unshaven legs...

  10. Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder... In case y'all glossed over that simple fact.

    Maybe sexual dimorphism is a falling cultural trend? Look at women's and men's fashion, not too different nowadays, are they?

    But as for Carmen and her sense of business, she would hardly do something that would damage her income, i.e undermine the interests of the very people who pay her.

    Also, who knows, maybe hairy really is becoming the new shaved? After all, shaved legs only became a standard for women in the early 20th century.

  11. Why should women, and models for that matter, have to shave to look prepubescent? Some people think hair's unsightly because they're scared of the sexuality that it implies. We shouldn't be.

  12. if u compare her with the other models.. she looks just like she didnt even got her make up.. its really dissapoinment

  13. whoa...interesting post. i thought a guy was wearing the shoes! =X

  14. Well Blakely, you have not met me either, but i too prefer women with un-shaven legs and can no further explain it than another man can explain why he likes a voluptuous women or another man likes an athletic looking woman. We just like what we like, and i find unshaven appealing and sensual to touch.


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