Sunday, 27 September 2009

graham norton in christopher kane fall winter 2009

british comedienne and chat show host graham norton was a guest on jonathan ross's chat show 2 days ago. he went on the show in a brown velvet jacket, with the ever popular christopher kane gorilla print t-shirt. i couldn't find a full length pic, but he wore the t-shirt tucked into this trousers, much like a normal t-shirt.

the t-shirt is actually longer in length, and despite seeing it on several guys, this is actually from the womenswear fall winter 2009 collection. i think it takes a certain kind of guy to work that print and cut. graham's flamboyant personality makes the look work well.

the t-shirt is also available online at


  1. i truly hate all these screaming monkey shirts. im sorry but i grew up watching planet of apes and i just dont trust those creatures.

  2. you gotta love graham!

  3. this is terribly ugly!
    i really think that graphic tees are not fashionable things.
    he might as well be wearing an "FBI: Female Body Inspectors" shirt... because this is a moronic shirt.

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what's he wearing?