Tuesday, 8 September 2009

h&m fall winter 2009 coat

i've been waiting patiently for this h&m coat to arrive in stores, and i finally found it last saturday. this was my favourite look from their look book, but i was very disappointed with how i looked in that coat:

i looked more doorman/bellboy than military chic. b00o00...

and below discount should be enticing to most. click on pic for a larger view, and print it off for your 20% discount at h&m.

happy shopping!


  1. ah no, i hate it when that happens. ive never been taken on the quality of h/m coats/jackets to be honest.

    did you buy anything else? im going to have a snoop around tomorrow as it's my birthday.

  2. no i didn't get anything else, but one can spend hours at H&M!

    happy birthday to you!

  3. I don't know if it's the lighting on the campaign image but it looks like a total different coat to me; the (seemingly?) darker shade is much nicer.

    Although I must point out, the coat doesn't look bad on you at all.

  4. That's annoying, coat looks tooootally different live... But anyway, i adore your shoes!


  5. Good Call, 00o00. If the colour is off, and the fabric and finish are sub par, you gotta let go. At some point the corners they cut to make the price point have to tell.

    On store arrivals, I'm impressed by some of the Margiela hitting the shops now. That is about the only thing that will tempt me out of saving mode for Bottega's SS10.

  6. that is ugly. to be brutally honest.

  7. I was definitely expecting a lot from this collection but didn't have the chance to check it in stores (yet).

    the coat you wear really looks bad whereas the one from the lookbook was the main source of my impatience for this collection. color's really bad for Fall/Winter and does not look the same at all as the one from the lookbook. too bad.

    gotta check the rest though!


  8. Burberry FTW! :-)

  9. burberry coats/jackets for the win, i meant.

  10. oh...this happenned to me...yesterday....try out the military one from zara! it looks uncanningly similar to the d&g one..and it fits better than this h&m one...and its black wif red trimmings!

  11. Have it brought in on the sides, match it with a long sleeve hooded shirt, disstressed black jeans and fun colored high top shoesies!

  12. Joe,
    The coat looks too big on you. Did you try the next size down?
    And did you take pictures of any other fabulous coats/jackets there? I'm dying to see what all the ones I've seen in the ad pictures look like in real life.

  13. the coat's too big but i was too lazy to go out and get another size, as i reckon i looked too doorman anyway...

  14. Doorman! Hilarious. Definitely not the goal. Pass.

  15. I think the light blue colour makes it look doorman-ish. The fit is also off.

    Save your bucks...there are plenty of these jackets around this season...:-P

    What a funny remark. hehe


  16. Nick Snider is the hotness.

    The doorman comment is hilarious!

  17. Thanks for the voucher, adn the jacket is an acquired taste. Like most fashion, you could learn to love it if it gained popularity. How cool to wear it, and be able to say, "yeh, I wore that before you"

  18. And what is the price ?

    Thanks :)

  19. lyndsay: yea let's be fashion forward hehe

    fashionista: i think it was around £60


  20. Well, obviously you don't look fucking military. Get rid of your ugly ass jeans, and your ugly ass shoes, and do that dope ass jacket some justice. Smfh..

  21. "Anonymous said...
    Well, obviously you don't look fucking military. Get rid of your ugly ass jeans, and your ugly ass shoes, and do that dope ass jacket some justice. Smfh.."

    OMG!!! How F@$KING rude... I like your jeans and your shoes are rickin'.... The nerve of some people and no guts to be identified.


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