Saturday, 5 September 2009

hermès x liberty of london

hermès has created an exclusive range of ties and scarves for london's iconic liberty store. there were 3 ties and 12 scarves from this collaboration, and sold exclusively at liberty. if interested, click here to get yours online.

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  1. It is quite a few years since I bought a tie. I still have a huge collection of Hermes and seven fold Bulgari ties. I didn't think I would buy another, as I rarely wear them for business, but this has got me interested. The pattern size. Order and chaos. Yeah.

  2. order and chaos is the perfect way to put it.

    now order away!

  3. although Hermes is one of my fav high-end brands, these ties are not very good. they are much too busy. i can appreciate the art of the design... but would rather there be one subtle logo on top of an awesome striped design or solid color


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