Monday, 7 September 2009

limited edition coats

a few of you left comments on a previous post to say you like the trench coats featured (although that wasn't really the main point of the post...). hold your horses before you rush out to get one, these might sway your decision making.

kim jones at dunhill for matchesfashion

.: erm, excuse the flasher stare :.

kim jones at dunhill created a gorgeous cream colored mac for london based matchesfashion. the lining of the mac is printed with a map of london, showing the directions to the various matches stores! i love maps (cue: balenciaga map printed scarves), this coat totally floats my boat (coat, boat, see what i did there teehee).

the coat retails for £948, and is exclusive to matches. i can't find it online yet, but i will keep checking!

christopher bailey at burberry for liberty
we previously saw hermès designing a limited edition range of scarves and ties for iconic british store liberty. as part of london fashion week, burberry also designed a trench coat for liberty. the coat is lined with the burberry check, but with the shade of purple associated with liberty.

the coat is limited to editions of 25, and each individually numbered, and will retail for £650. not bad really! there's also a coat in deep purple for the ladies too.

the trench coat will be sold exclusively at liberty. i can't find it online yet, but those overseas keep checking daily!

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  1. burberry limited ed for 650...dats a steal! is it out in liberty store?

  2. I had the chance to meet Bailey at a Burberry trunk show in Chicago... and I always regret not taking it. he's such a good designer.

    anyway, I had to comment to tell you I think your blog is just great. thanks for keeping me entertained, and good luck with it!

  3. vinvin: it's out next week!

    dale: thank you :D

  4. looks like UNIQLO's coat sans the purple detailing in the back! but i like it


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