Monday, 21 September 2009

london fashion week: antonio berardi spring summer 2010

#LFW i attended the much heralded antonio berardi show yesterday at a beautiful church at north audley street. antonio brought the show back to london for the 25th anniversary of london fashion week, and it's such a treat to be able to see it in london.

guests taking their seats. it's a beautiful venue, but as it's primarily a church, guests sitting in the back rows can't really get a good view. and capacity is much smaller.

i spy... alexandra shulman from vogue UK...

stylist supremo yu masui in a striped sequined top...

hilary alexander from the telegraph, in her trademark glasses and bold necklaces

i was sat in the upper gallery, which actually allowed me to have a full view of the show. here are a few pics i took:

and the man himself, mr antonio berardi. loving the vibrant colored pieces in his collection.

the dresses were all very pretty and mostly dripping with swarovski crystals. but one thing that really affected the show was the shoes. several models had problems balancing on them, especially model above. if you can find the video, she really had a hard time walking down the runway, and that kind of distracted me from the wonderful clothes on show.

that said, i thought the dresses were all amazingly executed. these were my 2 favourite looks. i hope victoria beckam will pick the look on the left, and lady gaga for the right!

click here for pics from the entire collection.


  1. I prefered your blog when it was about menswear and less..., how can I put it, camp. It seems you have undergone a transformation from stylish menswear commentator to queen in the space of 4/5 months. A real shame.

  2. Ben,
    What about this post made Joe seem like a queen? He went to a womens' fashion show, so what? It doesn't mean he's going to be wearing those clothes.

  3. It's more just the general way the blog has been going to be honest Andrew. Just my opinion but this blog never used to comment on womens shows, Suzy Menkes (who cares?), or the editor of British Vogues sequined jacket.

    Maybe Joe is trying to be more inclusive, not necessarily a bad thing, but there are thousands of womenswear blogs out there, I loved 00o00 because it was solely focused on menswear and because of the straight forward and well written comment. Now it's more self-indulgent introspection and " I heart" Gok Wan phrases, there are still interesting tidbits which is why I keep coming back but that content is seemingly drowned out these days.

    Just my opinion mind, I'm sure many people love the new direction and at the end of the day it's Joe's blog!

  4. it was never my intention to blog about womenswear. london fashion week menswear day is scheduled for this wednesday, and i will be going to a few events on that day.

    it is still a very rare thing that bloggers are invited to big shows. it's the 25th anniversary of LFW and a few designers who used to show overseas are coming back to stage a one off in london. these are very rare opportunities, and it's an immense honour for me, as a blogger, as a fashion and womenswear outsider, to be invited to the shows.

    it's great that i get to go out and meet people and network, rather than sit behind the computer, and pasting pics from other sources.

    hence i think it is important, that we support one another. it's not everyday that we get to see suzy menkes and alexandra shulman. they get to where they are because of their focus and vision. i have immense respect for them, and what they do.

    and no, i never did use "heart" and "gok wan" in the same sentence. never will. and a little hurtful to use "queen" and myself in the same sentence. i am much more than that.

    a little support goes a long long way.

  5. Ben,
    I do agree with your viewpoint, and I too love this blog because it is mostly about menswear, however I feel that saying its a "shame" Joe has become such a "queen" was out of line and really not necessary. If you don't like something he's doing, just say so, preferably in a polite way.

    Since apparently no one around here is a "queen" enough to say this, I will.
    Don't let the haters stop you from doin your thang :-)

  6. that last outfit to the right is very Lady Gaga, yes.

    love you still, Joe, and you know that.


  7. I didn't mean to be offensive and I'm sorry if it came across that way, I'm just a little sad with the way the blog seems to be evolving. But hey, that's just me and I'm sure plenty of people will love it. By the " I heart" and "gok wan phrases" comment, I simply meant the style of the written content of the blog has noticeably changed to be more effeminate over the last 4 or 5 months, I don't know whether this has coinsided with a personal awakening or confidence but in my opinion it is noticeable.

    Anyway, I'll always come back to check for the menswear content and good luck to you Joe being invited to shows etc, how do you get time off work?!

  8. i think they gave you the best vantage point next to front row. i'd imagine those seated in the pews behind wouldn't see much.

    and Joe, blog whatever you like. its your blog, not anybody's. fuck 'em!

  9. I agree, with the Antonio Berardi collection. It looked absolutely gorgeous, too many peices to choose from. You can see my blog for my favorite piece!

  10. woo what a nice collection of fashion and shoes


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