Tuesday, 22 September 2009

london fashion week: david gandy at antonio berardi spring summer 2010

the man, the body, the david gandy! we were early for the antonio berardi show, so we were chilling out at starbucks opposite the show venue. david sauntered in, and i fell off my chair, and catherine choked on her cupcake. class! david's amazingly approachable, we had a brief chat, and he wanted to know our experiences of fashion week so far.

we let him finished his lunch, and immediately stalked him for a photo later! and catherine suddenly became an enemy for a huge legion of females out there. find out why.

perfecti00o00n does exist!


  1. look at that hair. it looks artfully tousled

  2. He has some style, making a shirt and jeans combo suave. He doesn't need any advice, but I would like to put a Tartan Blazer on him.

  3. You are soooo lucky. Congrats! I wish i could see him some day in person. I have a hopeless admiration for this gentleman. He is an adorable person and a gorgeous man.

  4. hahaha, that's funny. we'll i'm sure she would never mind the haters 'coz she got close to david gandy and they did not :D


what's he wearing?