Saturday, 19 September 2009

london fashion week: mr hare spring summer 2010

#LFW it's london fashion week! was out and about today, and i noticed a lot of well heeled and fashionably dressed people, clutching their invites and shuffling along between shows. i went along to the uber chic white cube gallery off jermyn street to preview mr hare's spring summer 2010 collection.

being such a big fan, i was very eager. how eager? i was there even before the shoes arrived!

this is the first time mr hare himself is seeing the samples. the look of anticipation, anxiety and excitement, you can see the passion in his eyes. you can't help but also feel moved and touched by the whole event.

the shoes were displayed alongside artworks by damien hirst. am no art critic, but i don't really get this piece...

for the sanity of fellow blogger and mr hare shoe lover, style salvage steve, i shall refrain from posting pics of the new collection until he gets the chance to experience it for himself. my verdict from mr hare's sophomore collection: 00o00rgasimically amazing. you guys will love it.

for this occasion, mr hare wore his suede and patent leather "orwell" from his debut collection.

i wore my bottega veneta penny loafers. i wanted to wear my mr hare "thompson" but the skies were rather grey when i left the house, so i thought better not risk it hah!

i took lots of pics, will upload soon (steve: get your arse to white cube now!). and if you've not heard of mr hare, clearly you've been living under a rock for the past year. click here to find out what you've been missing out.


  1. i want the ones with stingray skin so bad. have to save up for like two months though...

    I'm so excited. can't wait to see the Spring collection!

  2. I really like those Hirst paintings, the butterflies are great as well.

  3. Was thinking about securing a pair of Thompsons but reckon I'll wait for next season...hope there are some boots in there!

    Also, I'm not too hot on the Hirst either but it's surprisingly mesmerizing if you scroll past it fast...I'm sure that wasn't Damien's intention though.


  4. i don't get the hirst either. i saw the butterflies in another room, it was gorgeous!

  5. I had to help my Sister move so I had no time for shoes today. I appreciate you wanting to wait though, thankyou! I'll just have to do something special for the Fashion East installation.


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