Wednesday, 30 September 2009

mr hare spring summer 2010 "hot steppers"

two weeks ago i went for a preview of mr hare's spring summer 2010 collection. his debut collection "the purest form" garnered such rave reviews, surely it must be difficult to triumph that. for his second collection, he decided to take us on a musical journey, naming all the shoes after dancehall legends. none of that difficult second album stuff, this is one collection that truly excites. i probably talk about mr hare too often on this blog, but his shoes bring happiness, and that's a good thing.

when i was at the showroom i took pics of the shoes that i really like. turns out there were 13 of them. how am i supposed to narrow down my wishlist? i'm also going to hazard a guess who these shoes are named after...

victor boa, the gorgeous tasseled loafer, after the afro-panamanian jazz pianist and composer victor everton mcrae.

fela, after the nigerian multi-instrumentalist musician and composer, fela anikulapo kuti. the vachetta leather is similar to those used in louis vuitton's "nomade" range, so the shoe will develop a lovely patina as it ages. gorgeousness.

aw2009's popular kerouac is making a come back in ss2010, with a few slight tweaks. the soles are now made of leather, and the body made from vachetta leather, again giving that patina as it ages.

quite possibly the best pair of blue suede shoes i've ever seen, a hybrid between a smart casual shoe and sneaker. a befitting name too, king tubby, after osbourne ruddock, a jamaican electronics and sound engineer.

now red suede or blue?!

or jil sander-sque grey suede sir coxsone, after jamaican record producer clement seymour dodd.

seriously now, if you think i'm an expert in musical legends, all bow to wikipedia!

suede boots spector. am not sure if it's named after the phil spector in the news lately...

if you're a keen follower you would have known i have a thing for saddled oxfords. the gorgeous jerry lee is named after jerry lee lewis, an american rock & roll and country music singer, songwriter, and pianist.

the very handsome dilla, named after james dewitt yancey, an american record producer. man this wikipedia thing is hot!

the beluti-ish cachao, named after cachao lópez. i am already melting at this point...

the mind bogglingly insane capote. come to daddy now, both of you!!

and last but not least, the business shoe worthy pacheco.

now tell me how to narrow down my selections. we have to work a little harder and stand a little taller come spring 2010. shoes, we l00o00ve. click here to see a selection of his fall winter 2009 collection.

now did i score 13/13 for my musicians blagging...


  1. sir coxsone and king tubby are love. I want the red suede.

  2. fela, red king tubby and capote make me go sing songs of j00o00y!

  3. Where and when can I get the blue King Tubbys? Perfection!

  4. allan: yea the red suede is gorgeous, i really like it

    fm: we l00o00ve!

    the-t: they should be available around jan 2010. not sure of stocklists yet, but oki-ni should stock his shoes for 2010 too.

    wow, everyone likes king tubby! all bow to the king!

  5. i want them ALL! but especially the Jerry Lee and Cachao. le siiigh...


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