Saturday, 26 September 2009

out & about - topman browsing edition

topman recently refurbished their oxford circus flagship in london, which more than doubled what was the previous menswear space. i went along to have a look see, and picked a few items that caught my eye:

topman does a lot of the skinny fit blazers now, which i think is great as it fits better. i really like this navy blazer. the slightly shiny fabric gives it an expensive yet understated finish. the blazer retails for £70, and it seems reasonable to me. it's also available online here.

i also tried on the fitted and cropped navy double breasted jacket with gold buttons. i love the navy and gold pairing, and slim fit double breasted is a flattering look. but it's a bit tight when i button it up. the jacket retails for £85, also available online here.

the nautical striped top theme seemed to be going strong this season. and with my never ending love affair with the balenciaga fw07 navy striped top, i decided to get this. i like the contrasting pocket details, and at £16 it seemed frivolous. a similar version in baby blue is available online here.

i've been looking for a pair of skinny or fitted non-denim trousers for a long time. these skinny ones is just a little too tight on my calves, and rather demoralising that i have to go 2 sizes up. i quickly put that back onto the shelves. the trousers are available online here, and i would suggest taking next available size up.

overall, i really like the refurbished and expanded topman. there's lots more variety to choose from. but, and it's a big BUT, i felt very let down by the fitting rooms. it's tiny, and they have 2 huge light beams shining mercilessly at you. it makes the room very hot, and i can't wait to just take off the jackets. not good, as they should encourage customers to layer up and buy more stuff.

and so i left, with just the striped top...


  1. I love your TOPMAN experience. I never use the fitting rooms. I just try on jackets on the sales floor and I've never tried on their denim or pants. I love the word "demoralising". Cute t-shirt!

  2. they were giving out free prizes during the opening of the 2nd floor.

  3. I love the first jacket and the skinny trouser.

  4. you're so right about the fitting rooms. the old ones were bad enough but the new ones are like an upright microwave. horrible.

  5. What kind of jeans are you wearing in the first few photos? Thanks in advance.

  6. LO: when you have to go 2 sizes up it does break whatever confidence you have!

    alex: i didn't get any :(

    eclair: thanks! am still considering about the skinny trousers

    j: upright microwave is the perfect description!

    keir: the jeans were from swedish label cheap monday :)

  7. "demoralising" hahaha!

    I have the light blue version of that first blazer. the sleeves are too long. I had to have it altered.

  8. I have the Double Breasted blazer. I love it.

  9. i thought my prize (a free coffee from eat) was sad enough. sorry to hear you got nothing.

  10. the first jacket is sweet.
    love white piping.
    but i wud imagine this would be hard to wear... one-button jackets are always hard to pull off unless you have the body of an Abercrombie model or a 19yrold swimmer.

  11. am not an Abercrombie model nor am i a 19yrold swimmer. hence i put the jacket back :(

  12. I like both of the first two jackets. To Topman I go to try them on for size!


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