Tuesday, 1 September 2009

REMINDER: alejandro ingelmo "galaxy" sneakers giveaway

reminder: the giveaway!

alejandro ingelmo "galaxy" in black & silver

alejandro ingelmo "galaxy" in brown and gold

as a thank you to all the readers of this blog, oki-ni kindly sponsored this giveaway, and one lucky reader will receive a pair of alejandro ingelmo's "galaxy" sneakers, which retails for £469!

the giveaway is open to all globally, and the lucky reader will get to pick which of the above 2 colors he prefers, and the size he wants it in. no purchases necessary, no strings attached!

the shoes go from UK size 6 to 11, so maybe the ladies can enter too! so really, it's open to ALL (well except me, and i can't tell you how incredibly jealous i am)!

CLICK HERE to register your entries! giveaway will close on sunday 6th september 2009.

good luck!

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