Friday, 25 September 2009

satyenkumar spring summer 2010

satyenkumar patel is one of the hottest emerging talents from london. i saw some of his fw09 collection on oki-ni and i was really keen to find out what's coming for the next collection. i don't know how i got shoved to the photographer's area, but i did have a relatively good view of the show, and i really love this collection.

and i'm so glad my point and shoot camera held up well! here are some of my pics, and pieces that i am very excited about:

i would really like to see the piece underneath the blazer. loving the colors!

i really like the contrasting details and color on the blazer

am not too keen on those shoes, i feel that if they changed it to proper shoes it will be a very strong look

i love the print on the jacket. very matthew williamson-ish

it's an amazing opportunity for a relative newcomer to stage a show during london fashion week. his financial backer must have great trust in his collection. i thought the execution was superb, i really enjoyed the show.

satyenkumar's stocklist is pretty limited, but online store stocks a small selection of it. i hope they'll pick up more of this collection!


  1. I love the pop of colors in his collection.

  2. I loved this show too! Did you see the oki-ni buyers and fit model in the front row?
    Did you attend the studio 805 and theatre de la mode presentations afterwards?

  3. GPM: yea i saw them at the show, their model is hard to miss!

    i didn't attend the other presentations, i rushed to somerset house for fashion east presenations...

  4. As I scrolled I was like wow, that looks like a men's matthew williamson jacket. Then i read hat you said it too. Hahah.

  5. Hi!
    Do you know if there is a new CODE for oki-ni to get a discount of
    10% or more...?
    Thank you!


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