Saturday, 5 September 2009

the shadows within

.: hackett fall winter 2009 / photo by magnus reed :.

i love this image. you can make out that they shot this at regent street just off oxford circus. there's a bit of old school glamour not usually associated with menswear. hope i'm not ruffling feathers, british labels hackett and acquascutum have always been playing second fiddle to burberry. but we see hackett trying to move away from the shadows. and i think it's a good direction.

this shot could be my favourite menswear campaign this season.

on a related note, from below fall winter 2009 lookbook images, can you work out which is aquascutum and which is burberry?

the casting, styling, photography and down to the lighting source are uncannily similar.

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  1. The model is a dead give-away on the right but still very similar in concept. Perhaps too similar.

  2. i think burberry has cast the model on the left before too.

    too similar huh

  3. yeah, I noticed that when I checked out Aquascutum's site.

    very Burberry but I like some of Aquascutum's offerings, like that blue mackintosh.

  4. i need a better pic of that aquascutum trench on the bottom left. the top one isn't bad neither.

  5. clearly Danny Beauchamp on the left.

    but IA, that's a beautiful shot.

    very elegant and also slightly sexy.

  6. They seem to share the same aesthetics:-P But the model is a giveaway:-P

  7. oops. LOL

    and the Hackett ad looks so desirable. straight men wouldn't mind being in that position, gay men wouldn't mind being next to that guy.


  8. regardless of who the designer is, the jackets are ALL AMAZING!
    the short khaki one is my fav =)

    i think a nice navy jacket in this style would be awesome too.


what's he wearing?