Thursday, 3 September 2009

the sound of the underground, the beat of the drum goes round & round

london fashion week is fast approaching! being the 25th anniversary, elle, together with london underground, invited 25 designers to design posters to be placed across the london underground network. here are a few of my favourites:

posters by paul smith and rupert sanderson

left: christopher bailey of burberry (yes, more rain!), right: gareth pugh

left: antonio beradi, right: clements ribeiro

i wish these could be made to adorn the cover of our tube maps, i would go collect them all!

0h fashion fashi00o00n



  1. OMG looooooove the Paul smith, tube lines? omg omg. and the rupert sanderson! creaatiiiiiiiiive
    thanks for sharing this with us! i miss london *sigh*

  2. BRILLIANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! wow!! these are [sin]fully beautiful! .. I wonder if there is anyway to get them here in NY? [hmmm] I NEED THEM [all] IN MY LIFE!! thank you so much for posting! xo xo :El fano:

  3. If you buy October Elle, there is a pull-out poster with all of them on - might be the best way to get them in NY!
    I love Rupert Sanderson's wheel. x


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