Friday, 2 October 2009

alessandro dell'acqua shoes sale on

why doesn't members only sale site deliver outside of the US? there are a series of alessandro dell'acqua shoes, all reduced from US$400 to US$138!!!

why Why WHY!!!!!!!! the lucky ones residing in the US, click here for the sale which ends on saturday.



  1. hey u can look for this site...which basically acts as a collecting person in the states then delivers it to you..its like a courier service or something, so for example you wanna buy something off gilt, juz put their american address then theyll send the items to you wherever you are :)..
    ill try and look for it..i had it somewhere..

  2. oh wow, i love these shoes, wish i was in the US. Me wants some alessandro dell'acqua shoes :-(

  3. vinvin: i heard about it, but it's rather costly though, for the redirection, and if they don't accept non US credit cards i have to add a surcharge. terrible!

    the one: we are in the same boat!

  4. really??the one i used was quite alright...although its been awhile.. coz i bought the corpus low crotch pants from gilt and got it to find the piece of paper..i wrote it on...

  5. hey you guys across the pond can't have all the fun!


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