Monday, 19 October 2009

balenciaga fall winter 2007 peacoat on ebay

someone put up his balenciaga fall winter 2007 gold buttoned peacoat for sale on ebay (well not me!). strange that he did not put up the matching lookbook pics for that coat. the coat for sale is a size 52. however with sizing issues at balenciaga, it really is true to size 50. i'm a 48 but i have to take size 50 for mine.

he mentioned he bought the coat from harrods for £1,200. i can tell you that is grossly incorrect and overstated. click here for more of my own pics.

about 6hours left to the auction, if you're bidding, click here for auction listing and good luck!



  1. Hi! Nice blog!
    I like the pictures and all the stuff!

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  3. And yesterday I saw there another very nice coat from Balenciaga that you also mentioned before - ebay item number 140350604563 (the listing is over though) - in your size BTW (and mine also)

  4. thank you for posting this!! I don't know how someone could bear to part with it--it's a beautiful coat..

  5. OMG
    It went for more than $1k, and that's for a used coat

    this is craziness, no?

  6. george: that is one of the more sought after coats from balenciaga, maybe people are willing to pay for it. yea sounds odd to me too.


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